Leak Detection Devices

Leak Detection Equipment

Detecting or treating a leak is costly.  It doesn’t matter what kind of leak it is, be it a gas, a vehicle, or a plumbing leak, a corresponding amount is taken from your pocket.  Early detection though, can minimize expenses.  A number of leak detection devices can be used to lessen occurrences of leaks.  Whether in the field of air conditioning system, pipelines, or residential gas lines, it is integral to know what available leak detection devices you can use before the leak becomes a grave problem.   

Leak detection devices consist of three fundamentals; a pressure switch, manifold connection, and a plug. These devices were clustered into three major groups:

  • UV Dye and Detection Light:  It is the most popular leak detection technique.  To find even the tiniest leak, these groups of leak detection devices introduce ultraviolet or UV/blue light inspection lamp and fluorescent dyes.  According to studies, it is the only preventive or programmed maintenance process that can detect all refrigerant and fluid breaks.  These devices are highly effective and relatively economical.
  • Pressure Gauge: This is a group of devices that uses pressure gauges.  Plumbers use this by monitoring pressure.  The device will signal leaks when the pressure is significantly reduced.
  • Dish Soap:  This is the simplest group of leak detection devices.  Though is it simple, it is very effective in checking gas lines for leaks.  It’s through soap bubbles that a leak is detected.  When gas leak comes out of the system with high pressure, the suds will spit and form bubbles.

Meanwhile, here are some choices of leak detection devices in the market: 

Ultrasonic Leak Detector:  Leak detection devices of this type have easy to use controls.  It can locate leaks quickly by simply spotting the area where a probable leak occurs.  It can detect air leaks, gas leaks, and steam leaks.  The ultrasound disregards audible sound, enabling detection of tiny leaks.  It has narrow beam for focus, long battery life, and is extremely sensitive in detecting leaks. 

Water Alert Water Detector Alarms: Leak detection devices of this kind come in six models.  Its operation is simple.  When there is a water leakage threat, an alarm will activate to warn.  These Leak Detection Devices are widely used due to its simplicity in terms of operation.

 Ambient Level Multi-Gas Analyzer:  Gas leaks are hazardous.  With a snap of fingers, a building may explode during gas leakages.  Using this leak detection device may help prevent leakage mishaps.  It is a portable multi-gas analyzer that can detect part per billion (ppb) to percent level multiple gas concentrations.  These leak detection devices are very sensitive and worth the trust. 

Water Leak Detection Stethophon 04:  Reproduction of leak noise is the forte of these leak detection devices type.  It operates by using new internal sound sensor.  It has a digital display and can capture the previous detections via internal memory.  It is very simple to operate and is battery triggered.

Sewerin Aquaphon Digital Water Leak Detector:  These are leak detection devices of digital type that uses an extremely sensitive wind protected microphone.  It is capable of adjusting noise filters for accurate control.  In cases of loud noise, there is a maximum noise limiter that prevents occurrence of impaired hearing.  It also comes in weatherproof case.